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Dec 13, 2011 12:00pm EST
case. jerry sandusky was about to face several of his alleged victims in court this morning that all of that changed. >> it changed because the hearing did not happen. the defense attorney and his client decided not to have it. it was a dramatic moment. it was also anticlimactic. for the first time, people had been expecting to hear from the accusers in this case, under oath in open court, talking about what they say jerry sandusky did to them. just an opportunity for a judge to say that there is enough for there is not enough evidence to move the case to trial. but late last night sandusky's lawyers said they made a decision to waive it. as jerry sandusky arrived at the courthouse this morning, there was no hint of the bombshell he and his lawyer would drop. the former penn state coach had waived his right to a hearing and there would be no testimony. a lawyer explained that it was a matter of tactics. >>today was a small part in the process. it would have been one-sided, the commonwealth's opportunity to present all of the allegations made. >> prosecutors say that they were ready t
Dec 8, 2011 12:00pm EST
abuse case against jerry sandusky. he posted bond and is now out of jail. we have the very latest developments. >> the former penn state assistant football coach was handcuffed and arrested wednesday afternoon on new child sex abuse charges and now faces more than 50 counts of sexual abuse. >> he is scratching his head asking what is next. do not ask that question. it can get worse. >> two new accusers take a terrifying picture of what went on in jerry sandusky's basement where dictum number 9 says he was ordered to stay and eight meals -- a meals. there are new details about jerry sandusky's wife. the victim was 10-to-12-years- old. he testified his wife was in the house but never came downstairs. at least once he screamed for help, knowing his wife was upstairs but no one can to help him. >> jerry sandusky is set to come face-to-face with eight accusers at a preliminary hearing. as of now, all of them are expected to testify. >>> rod blagojevich has 71 days left as a free man. the ousted illinois governor begins a 14-year prison term in february. yesterday, he admitted he made t
Dec 6, 2011 12:00pm EST
councilmembers from office. >>> we have learned that the men who are accusing jerry sandusky of sexual abuse to a plan to testify in court. all 8 men will face the coach at the preliminary hearing. the state is doing the right thing by showing jerry sandusky the strength of their case, a prosecutor has said. >> they have their resolve to get out there and get the truth known and make sure this does not happen to any other victims. >> the accusers will face cross- examination by the defense. there i did these are unlikely to be hidden because they are all adults. -- their identity are likely to be hidden. >>> protesters are kicking off an event they're calling take back the capital. >> we will never be defeated. >> they came from maryland to do their part in a protest that has drawn participants from around the country. >> i am part of the 99%. the government is to make sure that the rich are paying their fair share. >> the group marched to the capitol building to talk to their members of congress. >> they need to care about the people who need jobs. >> they want to talk to elected officials
Dec 12, 2011 12:00pm EST
. >>> jerry sandusky is scheduled to appear at a preliminary hearing tomorrow but a key witness in the sexual assault case may have changed his story. assistant coach mike mcqueary said he witnessed the sandusky assaulting a boy in a shower in 2002. a newspaper says he told a different story to a family friend shortly after the alleged incident. he said he did not personally witness the abuse. the accusers are expected to be in court for that hearing tomorrow. >> when we continue, chaos erupts in the court -- will face charges after a college rivalry got out of hand? the holiday shopping season is in full force and this is a crucial one for retailers and shipping companies. later, local mall suffers demolition and the plan developers have for the space and we return with weather. [ terri ] my husband, hank, was always fun. never took life too seriously. 'til our son was born... that day, he bought life insurance. now, there's no way i could send our boy to college without it. if there was one thing i could say to hank, it'd be "thank you." you're welcome. hey, hank. [ male announce
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4